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Magnetic Separator(TLYFD)

This product is widely used in removing the iron powder, micro iron powder and magnetic substance, etc. from the dry-powder materials in industries such as ceramics, mining, chemicals, electronics, and food, etc.
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  • Low energy consumption, no pollution, easy to use and installation, completely automated iron discharging. No need for manual work;

  • With high-performance rare earth permanent magnetic materials as the magnetic source to ensure greater magnetic suction and cleaner removal;

  • Completely automated operation, no need for manual work, easy and thorough iron separation, no iron powder residue;

  • Complete separation of the separation chamber and finished product chamber, suitable for occasions where the iron separation requirement is strict and the workload is large;

  • The magnetic system is in grid configuration and the magnetic spacing is determined through precise calculation and design which makes the use of the strong magnetic area more fully and the iron removal more effective;

  • Structurally simple, easy to dismantle, users can c

  • hange the demagnetizing rings all by themselves, easy and convenient;

  • All iron removing bars are rotatable which makes the use of the magnetic area more fully and the iron removal more effective.

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