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Tianli' representitive visited the Taiwan market in 19 years to investigate the current situation of slag separation, and found that the slag in Taiwan is relatively clean. In addition to the high requirements of the government for environmental water tr
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   With the rapid development of international urbanization, urban residents' household waste is increasing. In order to alleviate the "garbage siege" situation, the world is accelerating the construction of garbage incineration power plants in recent years. After the garbage is incinerated at a high temperature of thousands of degrees, non-toxic general solid waste slag is formed.

    Slag not smell like garbage and toxic, on the contrary, after the red after the high-temperature incineration slag there is no bad smell, and non-toxic, and slag containing Fe, Al, Cu, Cd, Pd, Hg, As, Cr, Se and zinc and other metals, if applied directly to the landfill, occupation of land resources, not only heavy metal content also can contaminate groundwater.

   Household waste incinerator slag, because the incineration temperature is not high enough, there will be part of the unincinerated plastic, metal, etc., through the vibrating screen to divide the material into three categories:

   Large size main materials: big stones, ceramic tiles, plastic bags, through the air sorting machine, big stones are selected as building aggregate, and plastic is used as RDF.

Main materials of medium and small size: stones and metals of small and medium-sized size, after iron removal, non-ferrous metals are selected by eddy current separator for recycling, and non-ferrous metals are used as building aggregate.

   Tianli' representitive visited the Taiwan market in 2019 to investigate the current situation of slag separation, and found that Taiwan's slag is relatively clean, coupled with the government's high requirements for environmental water treatment, slag projects are basically dry separation process. With 19mm as the sieving particle size (the size of a one-yuan coin in Taiwan) and two-stage crushing, the manual sorting platform is used for processing.


   With the frequent and friendly trade cooperation between Mainland and Taiwan, Tianli is the first brand to enter the Taiwan market, our eddy current separator, magnetic separator, Conveyor in Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung, Taoyuan, Tainan, Zuo Ying and other places have practical application site.


    According to the treatment targets of incinerator slag processing plants in Taiwan, customers generally choose our eccentric TLFXP-12 + magnetic roller.

    Our eddy current separator have two options: standard type 3500GS and high frequency type 4500GS ; For Taiwan slag, 0-5mm slag particle  match 4500GS (Taiwan basic screening), 5-19mm, 19-100mm slag particle choose 3500GS.